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Product Name: Stanozolol
Synonyms: Stanozolol CIII (200 mg);Stanozolol Suspension (For Injection);Stanozolol BP/USP (Winstrol);Stanozolol(Winstrol, Winstrol Depot);2-c)pyrazol-17beta-ol,17-methyl-2’h-5alpha-androst-2-eno(;2-c)pyrazol-17-ol,17-methyl-,(5alpha,17beta)-2’h-androst-2-eno(;2’H-5alpha-Androst-2-eno(3,2-c)pyrazol-17beta-ol, 17-methyl-;2’H-Androst-2-eno[3,2-c]pyrazol-17-ol, 17-methyl-, (5alpha,17beta)-
CAS: 10418-03-8
MF: C21H32N2O
MW: 328.49
EINECS: 233-894-8



Stanozolol is a synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) belonging to the dihydrotestosterone group. It can be used for the treatment of wasting diseases, burn victims, osteroporosis, bone fractures, anemia and even obesity. It can stimulate fat loss without causing reduced lean body mass, inducing hemoglobin production and red blood cell formation. Stanozolol has the following physiological functions: (1) reduction of sex-hormone-binding-globulin; (2) inducing protein synthesis; (3) Maintain nitrogen retention; (4) Increase red blood cells; (5) inhibit glucocorticoids

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