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Product Name: Drostanolone propionate
Synonyms: Drostanolone propioante;DroMostanolone Enanthate(Masteron);17β-Hydroxy-2α-methyl-5α-androstan-3-one propionate;17β-Hydroxy-2α-methylandrostan-3-one propionate;2α-Methyl-17β-hydroxy-5α-androstan-3-one 17-propionate;2α-Methyl-17β-propionoxy-5α-androstan-3-one;2α-Methyl-4,5-dihydrotestosterone propionate;2α-Methylandrostan-17(β)-ol-3-one propionate
CAS: 521-12-0
MF: C23H36O3
MW: 360.54
EINECS: 208-303-1



Dromostanolone Propionate is the propionate salt form of dromostanolone, a synthetic anabolic steroid related to dihydrotestosterone that has antiestrogenic effects. Dromostanolone inhibits the growth of estrogen receptor-presenting breast cancers; its virilizing effects limit its clinical usefulness.
Drostanolone propionate is a modified form of drostanolone, where a carboxylic acid ester (propionic acid) has been attached to the 17-beta hydroxyl group.Drostanolone Propionate is a synthetic androgenic anabolic steroid and is approximately 5 times as potent as natural methyltestosterone.

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